A Tree Lands on Your Home… Now What?

Storms pass through Minneapolis regularly. The trees on and near your property have stood through them. But, unfortunately, after one too many storms, a tree loses the fight and falls over onto your home. What now?

Safety First

Assure that everyone is safe. Call 911 immediately if; the tree has trapped or hurt someone, you smell smoke, see sparks or fire. Evacuate the area where the tree has fallen. Secure your pets.

As soon as it is safe, evacuate all (including pets) in the house to a better location if the damage is severe. If you have small valuables and important papers and it is safe to get them, you may wish to take them with you.

Prevent Further Damage

Carefully check to see that the tree did not land on any power lines. Stay at least 35 feet away from the tree and any downed lines. If the power lines have been knocked down, shut off your power at the breaker, then call 911 and the power company.

If you smell gas or even suspect the tree has affected your gas line, turn the gas off at the meter. Call 911 and the gas company.

Don’t go out on your roof or anywhere near the tree. Instead, call the Metro Minneapolis professionals at Signature Home Services, LLC to secure the home and prevent further damage from the storm.

The Aftermath

If no one has been hurt, you have made it through the worst of the storm. But first, you must take pictures of the damages and call your insurance company.

The experts at Signature Home Services, LLC, have over twenty years of experience helping Metro Minneapolis homeowners, like yourself, through the aftermath of storm damage. Let them help you through the next steps of restoring your Minneapolis home.

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