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Kitchen Remodeling

The Signature Home Difference

Searching online for “best kitchen remodeler near me” can be a hassle, forcing you to compare company reviews, pricing, and services from each result. When you’re looking for the best home improvement provider for your next kitchen remodeling job, look no further than the experts at Signature Home Services.

At Signature Home Services, we’re the finest kitchen remodeler in Apple Valley, MN. No home renovation is too big for our experienced remodelers. We’ve served the Twin Cities and surrounding areas for over 20 years for interior and exterior remodeling, repair, and renovation. Our mission is to become the top referred contractor in the area by delivering the best products and services on time and at fair prices.

We apply our core values to deliver on every job, focusing on the products and services we know we can do as well as or better than our competitors. We’re not tied to any process or product that doesn’t meet our high standards and are willing to change or eliminate procedures that don’t benefit our customers. We also strive to provide a welcoming work environment for our team to contribute ideas.

When you need a kitchen remodeler in Minnesota, turn to our experts at Signature Home Services. We offer four tiers of kitchen renovation pricing. Our contracting experience includes fixture installation, floor plan modifications, flooring installation, cabinet resurfacing, and new installation or replacement of countertops, backsplashes, and cabinets.

Experience Custom Remodeling Like Never Before

Most homeowners who want to redesign their kitchens already have some ideas of what they want to do with this key area of their homes. Before searching for the “best kitchen remodeler near me” online, consider what you want from your kitchen renovation project.

Do you need more cabinet space? Do you want to upgrade to a six-burner stove top? Do you want to completely change the layout and add an island with a breakfast bar? At Signature Home Services, our designers can help you choose which materials will work best together and determine which upgrades will suit your lifestyle and how you use your kitchen.

If you cook most of your family’s meals at home, you’ll need more counter space for meal preparation and a larger refrigerator and freezer for ready-to-eat solutions. If you often entertain in your kitchen, you’ll need ample storage to hide appliances and accessories so your kitchen looks neat when everyone’s crowded around a charcuterie board at the central island.

You’ll also need to consider foot traffic through your kitchen to determine the best type of flooring for your space. If you have kids or frequent visitors, you may want to choose tile or vinyl plank flooring, both of which handle spills well. For less frequent use, synthetic wood flooring offers a wood surface over a manufactured base to emulate hardwood with better liquid resistance.

At Signature Home Services, our home remodelers know what materials work best in a Minnesota kitchen. We can help you plan your new kitchen for additional storage, entertaining, helping kids with homework at the breakfast bar while you cook dinner, or enjoying your kitchen lab as you experiment to create delicious new recipes.

Design and Build Your Dream Kitchen

We strive to provide top-quality kitchen remodeling brands and products for each client’s space. We offer a range of products and services as part of our comprehensive kitchen renovation services, including the following:

Our clients can choose from several products for their new kitchen floors, cabinets, fixtures, hardware, appliances, lighting, and more. At Signature Home Services, we’ve worked closely with our vendors for over two decades. We can get the top materials and brands for your kitchen remodeling job.

Every inch of your home should be functional, warm, and inviting, including your kitchen. Whether you want marble countertops, a free-standing kitchen island, or different upper and lower cabinets, we can get you the products you need to remodel and install your dream kitchen.

Don’t search for the “best kitchen remodeler near me” online. We have over 20 years of experience installing new kitchen cabinets, flooring, backsplashes, and countertops. Let us help you design and build your dream kitchen. Call Signature Home Services today at (651) 424-1746 or contact us online for a free quote for kitchen remodeling in the greater Twin Cities metropolitan area.

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