7 Steps to Winterize Your Home

Whether you are doing a significant renovation, adding on a room, or sprucing up to add curb appeal, your choice to put on new siding or patch up the old could say a lot about you.

When you add on, you don’t necessarily have to rip off all the old siding and add new. You could choose a contrasting look for the new space. If you’re tearing out the attic and adding a mother-in-law suite on the second floor, you could add vertical or slanted siding to that space. You shouldn’t get the idea you must match the old siding or tear it all off.

Designing Your Exterior

Designing the exterior of your home can be a lot more complicated than just picking a color. It’s a big job and, at times, can feel intimidating. Don’t let it get you down; get some fresh ideas from magazines. The architecture of your home might guide you to decide about new siding. Smaller homes need stature; vertical siding can add an allure of height. Plus, using a neutral-colored vertical siding can add grandiosity. Simultaneously, a colonial or Victorian home might benefit from a broader panel to enhance its façade. That horizontal siding or stone veneer will still look great on the first floor. Why don’t you have the siding specialists at Signature Home Services show you how it would look? Another idea to add to the stone veneer is cedar shakes. Cedar shakes add a rustic look that contrasts superbly with stone.

Accentuate the Positive

Use bright colors and rich features to embolden your home’s exterior. Use off-color fascia, soffit, and window trim to brighten an otherwise bland colored siding when you don’t want the expense of changing it.

Signature Home Service Siding Technicians Can Help

Call 651-731-1147 for a free estimate and ideas for your home’s siding. Use our contact form to let us know what you are looking to do, and our technicians can help you with siding samples in a variety of colors. When you need siding, roofing, windows, and doors, Signature Home Services is the design and build professionals to call.

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