Replacing your old windows with new energy-efficient ones is a great home upgrade that pays for itself within just a few seasons. They look fantastic and immediately transform the feel of your most valued asset. In addition, you might consider getting replacement windows if you want to update the style of your house. For example, with fewer grids, like only a top row or going completely gridless, you can replace a grid-lined window. Casement, awning and picture windows are popular window styles that are growing trends.

There are so many advantages to upgrading your windows but here are just a few top reasons. 

Added Fuel Efficiency 

Utility costs decrease after installing new windows. The windows of many older homes are constructed with single-pane glass. A study on the energy efficiency of residential windows found that new windows reduce heating and cooling costs by 22%.

Energy bills can be significantly reduced by replacing old, drafty windows with tight-fitting and energy-efficient ones. Heat-reflecting low-E coatings and argon-filled glass are available for new windows.

Reduces Weather Wear

Eliminate air and water leaks. Rain and other weather elements can cause issues with older windows. Water damage, mold and mildew can result from leaking windows.

Windows that are newly installed seal off air leaks. Feeling a little air around your windows is not uncommon, but it shouldn’t be noticeable, and it definitely shouldn’t cause shaking. If you feel a slight draft around your windows, you can try to seal the air leaks using caulk and weatherstripping, but this isn’t a permanent fix.

Increase Safety

If you are worried about safety, making sure that windows are easy to open and close is a must. In cases of emergency, your only escape might be through window access. Therefore, your windows should routinely open and close properly for your family’s safety.

Your home’s entry and exit points are its windows, so those that aren’t operating correctly can pose a security threat. Burglars might examine windows in need of painting or looking worn as a sign they are vulnerable. Replacing an old window that is warped or doesn’t close might be your best option.

If you are looking into purchasing new windows, contact Signature Home Services in Minnesota for all your home upgrade needs.