Everyone knows that spring in Minnesota can be a little unpredictable, to say the least. It can be 70 degrees one day then the next it will be 30 degrees with a chance of hail. Imagine what those drastic changes in weather can do to the roof, siding, windows, or other parts of your home. Luckily Signature Home Services has been serving the twin cities for 20 years, and in that time we have picked up some great tips on what you can do to prepare.


Whether it’s the shifting temperatures or hailstorms, it is vital to be proactive. With the right preparation, you can minimize the damage to keep your family and property safe. Here are three tips to help protect your home from spring storm damage. 

Check Your Gutters


Warmer weather and storms can melt ice, enabling debris and water to clog your gutters and back up onto your roof. This can create significant storm damage to your roof. Ensure proper drainage by keeping your gutters and drains clean. Also, check to ensure your gutters are securely attached to prevent damage from strong winds. 

Caulk Your Windows and Doors


Your windows and doors can be vulnerable to fractures from spring storm damage. Small openings in windows and doors can allow enough wind to compromise the structure of your roof. Make sure all gaps and cracks are sealed with caulk to prevent leaks. In addition, you may want to consider window replacement if you notice condensation, warped frames or sticky windows. 

Review Insurance Coverage


The spring season is an ideal time to review your insurance coverage to know what is covered if storm damage should occur. You may want to consider purchasing flood insurance right away, as most of these policies take 30 days to take effect. Keep a home inventory of all the items in your home, insurance policies and other important documents in a waterproof container. 

Protect Your Home from Spring Storm Damage 


Even with the best preparation, spring storm damage can affect your property. Signature Home Services provides emergency services for any needed repairs. A contractor can come to your home for a free inspection, work with your insurance adjuster and get your property back to normal. With almost 20 years of experience, you can trust our home improvement and renovation professionals for your unique needs. Request a custom quote today.