When there is a storm, most people think about checking windows and having the roof inspected. The problem with that is, hail has a habit of not conforming to traditional convention. Your entire property may need to be inspected for damage. These three unexpected areas to look for hail damage on your home should be obvious, but they are often overlooked.

Insulation Damage

The damage to your roof is likely not your only issue – especially if a hail storm is sustained and heavy. Those large pieces of solidified water can devastate most roofing materials, but they also eventually melt. If enough of that water makes its way into your insulation, there is a very real chance it will compromise the material.

Replacing insulation is an expensive job, so it’s important to have your roof inspected after a storm. You may need to have repairs carried out and any residual moisture build-up cleaned up before it is able to leak into the roof and damage insulation and the supporting structures of your property.

Siding Damage

How confident are you that your siding will hold up in a storm? Hail falls pretty fast, even though its velocity is affected by friction and in air collisions with other ice chunks. If hail stones are heavy and compact, they can do considerable damage to the siding of a home without any visible penetration.

If your waterproofing holds up, you can thank your lucky stars. However, that does not mean your siding is off the hook. Any damage will impact on the lifespan of the siding. You will need to have repairs carried out or consider replacement, depending on the severity of the damage.

Basement Damage

Remember that solid water? It is just waiting to move into your basement. After a hail storm, there is often a large amount of residual water which needs an escape. If your home is was not built with storm drainage as a consideration, all that moisture may end up leaking into your basement as runoff.

Slow damage is not easy to detect. A flooded basement, on the other hand, is difficult to ignore. In either case, you need to address any damage right away to protect your home and property. To rule out any unexpected damage from hail, consider hiring a storm damage inspector.

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