Winter is coming and it will cost you if your home is not quite ready for the challenge. If you spend the money now to tighten up your home, the improvements will stand by you and may end up costing much less than it would to repair winter damage. Here are four suggestions for ways to tighten up your home for the coming winter.

Effective Gutters

You need gutters that provide effective drainage – even in the winter. Heavy snow or rain is often too much for older gutters to withstand, so perhaps now is the time to consider installing new and improved guttering. You will be thankful come spring when your roof is still in good shape and any winter water has drained away without incident.

Insulation Health Check

If you want to stay warm during the winter while keeping your energy bills as low as possible, consider an insulation health check. If your insulation is in bad shape, replacing it makes sense from a financial perspective. The money you spend on new insulation this year will pay for itself in the coming years through energy savings.

Doors & Windows

Much like insulation, doors and windows can provide energy cost savings in the winter. Inspect your doors and windows for drafts. If you discover that the cold air finds an easy pathway into your home, think about replacing at least some of your doors and windows to improve energy efficiency.

Roof Maintenance

It is important to check your roof and have any maintenance carried out before winter weather has a chance to do further damage. Imagine a mound of melting snow on a roof with damaged shingles and waterproofing. The potential damage that winter could inflict on your home beyond the roof itself is unthinkable.  

If you are interested in making changes to your home in preparation for winter, give Signature Home Services a call today.