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Are You Paying Too Much for Your Home Warranty Service?

Maybe a better question would be, should you be, does the one you’re using provide adequate coverage? Many homeowners, looking back, realize they didn’t use their home warranty service nearly enough to warrant the monthly fee. Especially when they call and find out what they need to be fixed is not covered by their plan. The average homeowner pays $39.99 a month for a home warranty. That’s not too bad when you look at it monthly, but over one year, that’s almost $500, or $479.88 annually. Please, don’t take this as advice to stop your home warranty service. However, you should look at your coverage to see if it is adequate. An annual look at your home warranty and homeowner’s insurance policy makes sense. Some have had the same coverage on their home since they bought it.

A Home Warranty Versus Signature Home Services

What’s even more discerning is that those home warranty services do not cover everything as their commercials imply. Typically, the coverage is excellent for home appliance breakdowns, but most homeowners need coverage for their roof, window replacements, siding and other expensive parts of the home that need repair.

Plus, there is a deductible. Of course, like any “insurance,” the more you pay, the more coverage you will get. You can buy add-ons to cover swimming pools, saunas, some roofing leaks, parts of the HVAC system and others.

Just as Bob Vila points out in a This Old House article, 5 Red Flags to Look Out for When Choosing a Residential Service Contract, you should always compare your home warranty contract to ensure there are no:

  • Questionable claims
  • Pressure to sign — quality companies offer a 30-day risk-free trial.
  • Excessive fees
  • Does the warranty service you’re evaluating have a reputable contractor on-call?
  • Unreasonable demands

Many unethical home warranty services want you to submit to a home inspection by their inspectors. Be leery of this practice. There will likely be a few things that need correcting before they will cover you.

You should report these services to the Minneapolis Better Business Bureau.

Emergency Repairs

When you have an issue with your siding, roof, windows, doors or gutters, you should call Signature Home Services, get a free estimate with a low, one-time payment to get whatever needs fixing fixed.

What’s more, we’ll work with your homeowner’s insurance agent to make sure you get the coverage you paid for in your policy. 

Many HVAC, window and door replacements qualify for energy conservation low-interest loans and grants under the Minnesota Home Energy Squad Program.  

Call Signature Home Services for Emergency Repairs

Use the contact request at Signature Home Services Call (651) 731-1147 for an emergency repair estimate with no obligation.

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