Have you ever wondered if your insulation was adequate? Many homes and businesses do not have enough insulation and could save thousands per year in energy costs simply by adding insulation.

The Department of Energy at energy.gov recommends a home energy assessment. Call the professional insulation and energy technicians at Signature Home Services to get a free and comprehensive energy assessment. You may be surprised to learn how porous your home is and how much energy is flowing out. 

After we do an energy assessment of your home, we will suggest methods to strengthen your home’s energy-saving system. Several methods exist to add R-value (the “R” stands for resistance, so the R-value is how resistant to heat loss your home is) to your home’s basement, walls, and attic. 

Add eShield to Your Attic

Many home improvement companies will advise adding a layer of blown-in insulation to your attic because it is easy. However, eShield is much more efficient and maybe less expensive. Plus, it will pay for itself in just a few years after installation.

To get the same energy-saving value of a ¼ inch sheet of eShield, they would have to roll out or blow in the equivalent of 12 inches of insulation. That’s a lot of weight to add to your home’s support system and will add tremendous stress to loadbearing walls. 

NASA has been using this same innovative product in spacesuits for years. If they can protect an astronaut in subzero temperatures, imagine what it will do for your Minnesota home.   

Add New Weather Strips Around Windows & Doors

Much of your energy costs are escaping through your windows and doors. Have you ever walked by a window in your house and felt a cold draft? That could be because the wind is blowing up against that side of the house and coming in through the “seal” around that window.

Window and door replacements can save you hundreds annually. However, merely adding caulk or weatherstrip around the windows and doors in your home can save energy. 

One of the most significant violators is your garage door. Whether or not the garage opens straight into your home or there is a separate door, some energy is escaping, and it costs you money every day.  

Another energy-saving recommendation is to add thick drapes over your windows.   

Contact Signature Home Services for an Energy Assessment

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