There is nothing like a cold, blustery day in January to remind you that your windows might need replacing. Frost buildup on your windows and a drafty room does not promote the warm thoughts of home you want to experience after trudging through the winter weather. 

Will Replacement Windows Cost Too Much?

While replacing your windows may cost more than you’d like upfront, the savings are almost immediate. Lost heat and even lost cool air in summer adds up more than you realize. Newer windows with multiple E-values to choose from can make an incredible difference in your heating and cooling bills. Argon gas windows can also provide added insulation, making your home feel cozy all winter long.

What Surprises Might I Expect If When My Windows are Removed?

Like any house repair, surprises are expected. The most common problem found with old windows is rotted wood. Sometimes it may only be the sill or trim, but sometimes it goes deeper. Poorly maintained windows allow water to enter behind the siding and into the wall. Though this may sound costly, if not repaired quickly, it could cause extreme damage to your home that would multiply your expense.

Why Windows in Winter?

Winter is the time to get the ball rolling. Picking the right window for your home takes time and planning. Colors, E-values, window materials and designs are all things to consider. You may want to make a few of your dream changes at the same time. Contractors start scheduling for the warmer months early. Calling in spring may delay your savings even longer than you realize. 

Consult With an Expert

Signature Home Services can help you choose the right windows for your home. We have the experience and expertise you need, and we can help with drafty doors, too! Contact us today to learn more about the great windows we recommend and how our team can make your home cozy again.