“Hey, baby, it’s cold outside!” And if you can tell because of the breeze coming from the area of your windows, you may want to consider replacing them. Your windows will give you signs that they need replacing. Ignore the signs and replacement costs may increase over time.

Aging Windows

If you have high-quality windows and you maintain them appropriately, you can expect them to give you good service for at least 20 years. There are several factors that can affect their life span. If your windows are protected from the harsh rays of the sun and the ravages of strong summer rainfall by generous roof overhangs, they will last longer. Proper flashing and window sills with drip edges also help by redirecting water away from the window openings.


Windows need occasional caulking and resealing or painting to keep them in good repair. Older vinyl windows may have degraded materials due to harsh UV rays. They are also more likely to experience more thermal expansion and contraction, which leads to warped frames.


Wood-framed windows require more maintenance. Sealers or paint need to be applied in order to provide moisture resistance. Lack of proper maintenance may result in blistering, cracking and peeling. Left long enough, wood rot appears.


Damaged Windows

A broken window pane needs replacing. But damage to the frame of the window may be considerably subtler. Wooden frames that are warped or have wood rot may not be as obvious as you think. Indications include windows that are hard to open and those that stick when you try to close them. Double-pane windows that produce condensation between the panes need to be replaced.


Higher Energy Bills

Your energy bills can be greatly affected by windows that need replacement. Feeling a breeze near your window indicates a loss of energy and a window that need replacing. If you’re in doubt, take a candle or a lit incense stick and hold it near the edges of the window. Drafts from the window will be indicated by wavering of the candle flame or smoke from the incense stick. If you have window drafts, your energy bill is going to be higher than necessary.


Energy-efficient windows can reduce heating and cooling bills. If you plan on selling your home any time soon, this upgrade can enhance its curb appeal and selling points. The new owners will appreciate the savings in energy costs due to the new windows.


Low-Maintenance, Energy-Efficient Replacements

Minnesotans, in particular, want and need energy-efficient windows to keep heating costs down. At Signature Home Services, we help you find the right windows for your home. We have highly trained professionals providing excellent service that we are proud to stand behind.


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