Home improvements are an investment, one that has several ROIs including increased home values, reduced energy bills, and less time and worry spent on home repair and maintenance. The financial investment in your home is not typically a check your write but most homeowners choose to pay for overtime. No matter what way you choose to pay, it is a very personal decision that we respect.  We do offer some easy financing no interest options we can cover with you.

In the end, we want you to make a safe choice in who you trust with your finances. Please ask your preferred bank if they also offer home improvement loans or another product/service that would be more beneficial to you.

Some Advice from HUD When Financing

Read and understand every word of any contract or other paper before you sign it.

Never sign a contract with anyone who makes fantastic promises.

Reputable dealers are not running give-away businesses.

Avoid wild bargains. The best bargain is a good job.

Never consolidate existing loans through a home improvement contractor.

Do not let salespeople high-pressure you into signing up to buy their materials or services.

Be wary of salespeople who try to scare you into signing for repairs that they say are urgent. Seek the advice of an expert as to how urgent such repairs are. High-pressure and scare tactics are often the mark of a phony deal.

Never sign a completion certificate until all the work called for in the contract has been completed to your satisfaction. Be careful not to sign a completion certificate along with a sales order.

Proceed cautiously when the lender or contractor demands a lien on your property. Most lenders do not require a lien if the loan amount is less than $7,500.