7 Steps to Winterize Your Home

Winter is here, but it isn’t too late to take a few steps to winterize your home and make it comfortable before the Minnesota winds and winter storms ravage your home heating system.

These seven essential, yet straightforward steps will help ensure your castle is a warm and comfortable home.

1. Clean Out the Gutters

Now that most of the leaves have fallen, get your gutters cleaned to ensure debris and leaves don’t clog your downspouts. When your downspouts get clogged, the rain cannot drain off, and the winter cold will freeze it in the gutters. Before you know it, you will have a waterfall hanging over the side of your gutters.

2. Trim the Limbs

If you don’t want those limbs around your home tearing off shingles and siding, it would be a good idea to trim them back before the Minnesota winter winds get serious.

3. Service the Furnace

Call a professional to clean and service your furnace. A heating contractor will clean or replace filters and ductwork to ensure your home gets the maximum heat throughout the winter.

4. Seal Windows & Doors

Weatherstripping is an excellent place to start. Plus, it is one of the least expensive energy-saving steps a homeowner can take.

Around doors, put the strips on the door and the jam for a tight fit, and then install a sweep on the door’s bottom. For the windows, use a rubber or foam strip along the bottom and tops, and then use a removable strip to seal the sides.

However, once this is done and you still feel a draft, contact the Signature Home Services technicians about storm doors and windows or window replacement.

5. Winterize Your Roof

Call the professionals at Signature to conduct a roof inspection. They’ll ensure flashing is tight and caulked adequately to prevent leaks once the ice and snow gathers on your roof. They will also replace any missing or loose shingles to prevent leaks.

6. Winterize the Sprinkler System

If you haven’t done so already, turn off the water and drain those lines. Some systems might require a professional landscaper to blow out the lines. Bring in temporary garden hoses.

7. Install or Replace Storm Doors & Windows

Your doors and windows might be fine, but if you feel a draft that weather stripping won’t cure, you might want to consider new storm doors or windows.

Contact the technicians at Signature Home Services to measure your windows and doors and give you a new installation or replacement price. Then, contact the Minnesota Department of Commerce to determine what incentives and rebates are available for these energy-saving innovations for your home.

Contact Signature Home Services for a Home Winterization Estimate

To ensure your home gets these winterization services, call (651)-424-1746 to know more and schedule an appointment here.

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