Is the effectiveness of your AC hit-or-miss, depending on what the weather decides to throw at your home? You would expect that well-maintained air conditioning units would perform exactly the same under relatively identical conditions. However, unless important structures such as doors and windows are working with your AC, you will never get value for your money.

Consistent Air Quality

ENERGY STAR windows are designed to ensure that the air circulated by your AC is consistently comfortable. During the colder months, drafts are significantly reduced through structures such as windows, doors and skylights. Ambient heat is trapped inside, making for much cozier living spaces for you and your family in the winter. Once the weather begins to improve, ENERGY STAR rated windows improve AC-driven airflow and reduce the amount of energy used to keep a home cool.

Lower Energy Bills

The cost of installing ENERGY STAR rated windows is a worthwhile investment. As you become less reliant on your AC to keep the temperature just right, you will begin to notice savings on your energy costs. Over time these savings will offset the upfront costs of having ENERGY STAR rated windows installed. It is recommended that you base your ENERGY STAR rating on windows around passive design principles in order to get the most back for the money that you spend on installation.

Reduced AC Maintenance

AC units require maintenance to keep them running at maximum efficiency. When the unit is not being pushed to its limits or constantly run on high, there is less need for repairs. You will also find that your AC unit lasts longer in general as a direct result of the benefits from ENERGY STAR rated windows in your home.

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