Quality insulation from Signature Home Services does more than keep you toasty on a cold Minnesota winter night. It makes your entire heating and cooling system work more efficiently – and that saves you money. Make your home more comfortable and more affordable to live in with insulation upgrades from your team at Signature Home Services.

It’s a fact: Most homes don’t have enough insulation. Many older homes have no insulation at all in critical wall and ceiling areas. Even in newer homes, the minimum insulation levels required by building codes don’t come close to protecting your living space from the extreme temperatures of Minnesota.

Rooms too hot or too cold? Utility bills too high? Signature Home Services has the solution.  We love eShield, which is a revolutionary product that has been introduced into the home energy market in the past few years.  The technology is far from new as NASA has been using reflective foil insulation in many applications for years. Today, this space-age technology is available for your home insulation installation.

  • US Department of Energy Tests have shown that eShield attic insulation is more effective at conserving energy than an additional 12” of traditional fiberglass insulation.
  • eShield is a reflective foil barrier that is only about a ¼” thick but packs a lot of energy savings in that space. The reflective foil deflects the radiant heat from your home and the sun away from the insulation, as opposed to slowing the air transfer which is how traditional insulation works. This also helps with large spikes in your energy bill.
  • eShield Insulation works with even the most extremes in temperatures, and keeps the internal temperature stable.  This is why NASA has used it for years, a human in space can experience an almost 600 degree difference outside the space suit while maintaining a stable temperature for survival inside. And that’s why it’s perfect for Minnesota’s tough climate.

Signature Home Services uses only quality installation professionals so that you receive all of the energy savings offered by the eShield attic insulation product.  Contact us today to set up your FREE consultation and hear even more great benefits of eShield.

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