Is Your Home’s Insulation Enough for Minnesota Winters?

If you have lived in Minnesota for any length of time, you know that winters can be brutal. Unfortunately, if your home lacks proper insulation, you could be suffering from high heating costs and an overworked heating system. Fortunately, you can enjoy a more comfortable winter with insulation solutions from Signature Home Services. Here are some ways to know if your home is adequately insulated.

Inconsistent Temperatures

If you find yourself adjusting your thermostat often, you could have low insulation. Another sign is if you experience varying temperatures in different rooms of your home. For example, if your bedrooms are freezing while your living room is boiling, it’s time to check your insulation.

SkyRocketing Energy Bills

If high energy bills give you the winter blues, your insulation may be to blame. Inadequate insulation means more heat can escape through your attic and walls, causing you to lose money and comfort.

Cold Walls, Ceilings, and Floors

Cold walls, ceilings, or floors indicate gaps in your insulation. Your interior walls and flooring should feel warm to the touch. Your exterior walls should feel cold to the touch, indicating that your insulation is keeping warmth inside where it belongs.


Another clear sign of low insulation is the discovery of bugs, mice, and other pests in your home. These creatures find their way inside through small cracks or holes around doors, windows, and along the foundation. Proper insulation can block these holes and keep the critters outside where they belong.

Frozen Pipes

If you have frozen pipes inside your walls, your home is lacking insulation. As a result, frozen pipes can burst, leading to high repair costs. However, the right amount of insulation in your exterior walls can protect you from this type of damage.

If you have noticed any of the above signs, it’s time to have your home’s insulation evaluated. Call Signature Home Services, LLC today to schedule a consultation.

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