The roof is one of the most important structures when it comes to heat retention. During the winter months, Minnesota homeowners often resort to blasting the heat in order to combat plummeting temperatures. However, if there are problems with the roof, that could mean throwing good money after bad. 

Just because it is cold outside does not mean there should be a need to significantly increase your thermostat. While the colder months may provide a convenient excuse, the real issue could stem from problems with your roof. 

Roof Damage

Now that the weather is improving, a home that does not retain heat well is more likely to raise red flags. When the cause is not the season and your air conditioning is fully serviced, the most probable cause of heat loss is a structural problem. A roof inspection is a great way to determine if there are structural areas that require repairs or replacement. 

A damaged roof can leak heat that should, optimally, be trapped in your home. You may see an increase in energy bills when roof damage has occurred, even during the summer months. Signature Home Services can provide a complimentary roof inspection for damage that may be covered under your home insurance. 

Insulation Issues

Roof damage can result in heat loss; however, poor-quality or damaged insulation is another major issue that will cost you money over the long term. Some Minnesota homes may not have any insulation, which means your air conditioning system will not work efficiently. Signature Home Services can inspect your home to assess insulation needs and recommend any necessary upgrades to keep your home warm. 

If you need roof repairs or insulation upgrades, speak to a representative from Signature Home Services today. We provide quality services at affordable costs for homeowners in the Twin Cities.