When was the last time you were in your attic? Did you happen to check out the ceiling for those tell-tale brown patches? Yep, for many people, that spreading brownish stain on the ceiling is the first indication that you have a leak in your roof. Another very noticeable sign of a leaking roof is mold growing near the insulation or other ceiling areas. However, these spots of damage are not necessarily the point of the leak in the roof. What are the best steps to follow to find the source of the problem with your leaking roof? 

Follow the Trail to Find the Leak

The first thing to know when you find a water spot or some mold on a ceiling is the time to act is now. Procrastinating on a leaking roof is asking for big problems. Left alone, a small, easily repaired leak can turn into major damage not just to your roof but much more if weak areas break through the ceiling and the floor above caves in. 

If you’re comfortable checking out the problem yourself, grab a flashlight and head to the attic or the top floor of your house. Use extreme caution when walking around, especially if your attic is unfinished. Stay on the hardwood and don’t step through the insulation.

Use the flashlight to check the ceiling for dark spots. Look carefully at the insulation. If you find a dark or wet spot, it doesn’t mean the job of tracking down the leak is finished. You need to track it to where it begins. Rainwater is often diverted to one side or another from the actual damage. Remove the insulation from both sides of the leak until you find the entry spot in the roof. 

Next, check for any objects, like a nail that may be causing the problem. Another thing to check is the roof vents, usually located near the gable ends or the ridges. The seals around the vents may be deteriorating or pulling away, allowing rainwater to seep inside.

Leaking Roofs are Our Specialty

If you suspect your roof is leaking, your best move is to call a professional. We’ll come out and inspect your roof at no charge. We’ll provide you with a roof damage report and let you know just what needs to be done to fix it. Contact Signature Home Services today. If you’re in the Twin Cities area, we are your local roofing contractor!