Construction and storm damage restoration work can be stressful. At Signature Home Services, we want you to feel informed and comfortable with the progress of your home improvement project.

That’s why we have a clear 7-step process that provides you insight into how and when each step will be completed on your behalf.

The 7-Step Process

The 7-Step


We will perform a thorough, complimentary inspection of your property’s exterior for any damage that would be covered by your insurance company under a no-fault claim.

If we find applicable damage, you then file a claim with your insurance company.

We prefer to meet with the adjuster at your property in order to go over the damage together. If your adjuster does not agree with what we honestly feel you’re entitled to, you can request that a different adjuster come out. We will meet with the new adjuster as well, if necessary.

If, after pursuing any potential recourse regarding the claim, your insurance company doesn’t justify paying the full “Replacement Cost Value,” you owe us nothing for the time we’ve invested. At the same time, once your insurance company does agree to pay the claim, the fun part begins: you get to pick out the colors of your new siding, select the style of shingles for your new roof, and proceed with anything else covered by the claim.

Most insurance companies use central estimating software that dictates the price of repairs. The process is similar to going to the doctor’s office in the sense that you pay your deductible, and the doctor works out any pricing discrepancies directly with the insurance provider.

Most insurance companies also use a two-check system for payment. The first check is usually for 50%-70% of the claim total (“Actual Cash Value”). After we deliver the building materials and receive the first insurance check from you, we assign a crew to begin construction.

Upon completion of repairs we submit a final invoice to the insurance company and they release the final check to you (depreciation plus any supplements) once you receive final payment then you forward payment to us.


Always promise silver and deliver gold.

Focus our time, energy, selling and marketing solely around products and services that we can do as good as, or better than any other company.

Create an opportunity & an atmosphere where our people have incentive and desire to contribute their own creative thoughts and ideas.

Pursue the most efficient and valuable means of doing business. Either change or discard those which are not effective.

O honor our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and all who we do business with, by operating with integrity in everything we corporately say and do.

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