Add A Unique Style to Your Apple Valley, MN, Home with Our Patio Doors

Many homeowners don’t think much about their patio doors until there is a problem. Sticking, drafts, seal failure (fogged windows), or an unsafe lock. All of a sudden, worry and frustration sets in, and you are ready for a new door. 

Today, patio doors come in many styles beyond the standard and are still very popular sliding patio door. You can have French doors that swing open, add sidelights and transoms for extra light, and even have color and material choices that were not available 5 years ago. Plus, locking mechanisms in new patio doors are greatly improved beyond the broomstick in the door track replacing it instead with multi-point locks and reinforced construction. 

While the winters of Minnesota might get gloomy and frigid a new patio door with its energy-saving features (look for the ENERGY STAR® label) will keep the cold out without needing heavy insulated blinds or drapes that block the light and view.

Why Signature Home Services?

We provide a wide selection of entry doors that can range in style, color, and material. Our remodeling consultants make entry door shopping a breeze. There is no need to go to a showroom across town only to be bombarded by salespeople and forced to decide on the spot. We come out to your home inspect your door and provide you with a variety of recommendations from which to choose. With our computer technology, you can also see what the doors would look like on your home before you buy!