Summer storms can take a serious toll on your roof. With fall well underway and winter on the horizon, it’s time to consider home maintenance needs. Your roof is a vital structure that protects your property from the elements. If a roof is compromised in any way, it could result in water seeping into roof space and causing serious structural damage. 

Roof Inspection

An important part of home maintenance, a roof inspection is designed to identify any damage that requires repairs. At Signature Home Services, we provide our customers with a free roof inspection. Our goal is to ensure signs of damage are not overlooked. Customers who are preparing an insurance claim for storm damage can benefit from an experienced contractor’s inspection. This can determine whether a claim is really necessary. 

We can meet with the insurance adjuster at your home to support any claim of legitimate storm damage. If you are concerned about claiming for roof damage in error, a thorough roof inspection will allay any fears. The peace of mind you get from a roof inspection with Signature Home Services will take much of the stress out of the claims process. 

Roof Repairs

Timely roof repairs are essential for ensuring your home is protected during harsh winter weather. The cost of roof repairs dims in comparison to what you would pay to correct serious structural or water damage. We are committed to making the process easier for our customers by working directly with insurance adjusters. Signature Home Services eliminates the need for multiple bids by working out pricing differences with the insurance adjuster on your behalf. 

To make sure your roof is prepared for whatever weather winter has to offer, book a free inspection with Signature Home Services. We are here to work for you by making the claims process simple. Call our offices today to speak to a friendly and experienced contractor.