In an earlier blog, “Drafty Windows? Spend Now and Save Immediately,” we outlined some of the reasons to replace your windows. You could apply some of those same reasons to replacing your drafty exterior doors. When you go to answer your front door, do you feel a draft coming in even before you open it?

Exterior Replacement Doors

Many homes still have wooden exterior doors. While there’s nothing wrong with wood doors, new exterior doors are commonly steel with a steel frame. Many of these steel doors have sliding multiport locks. When you slide a steel multiport lock into a steel frame, you heighten the security of your home tremendously. 

What’s more, new technology takes the hassle out of unlocking the door when your hands are full. You can install a system that works remotely from your smartphone or open the door with a code. 

Beyond security and energy efficiency, curb appeal is an excellent reason to invest in a new front door. It can offer a cost-effective method of refreshing your home’s look without spending a lot. You can choose an entirely new look for your front entry. 

Door Styles

We have replacement doors made of wood, fiberglass, aluminum and steel. Steel doors are the most secure, affordable and come with built-in insulation. You can get a modern steel door that looks like a traditional wood door, if that’s what you want. If you prefer a more conventional wood door with beveled glass insets, we have those too. Fiberglass doors are gaining in popularity, and new models are thicker, insulated and more energy efficient. 

We have doors with arches, panels, glass insets or plain doors. You can choose doors for anywhere from the side entrance to the garage. We can customize exterior or interior doors to your specifications.        

Standard Replacement Interior Doors 

Although there are usually no energy savings with replacing interior doors, some people choose to replace the interior doors to match their new exterior doors, or they may choose new sliding doors. 

Five interior door style that are popular right now are:

  1. Shaker doors
  2. Frosted or etched glass
  3. Solid wood
  4. Rustic, knotty woods
  5. Mirrored doors

Additionally, you may wish to install interior doors where there were none previously. Interior doors are inexpensive. 


Door replacement can save energy, add security and curb appeal, and make fumbling for the keys a thing of the past. Consider a new front door and give us a call.

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