If you have noticed your energy bills going through the roof, it is not unusual to assume you know the reason. It is your home, after all, and you know the general condition of structures such as windows and doors. 

However, before you hire a contractor to repair or replace the offending feature, it makes sense to have the property fully inspected. You may find that heat is escaping from an entirely different place or a combination of places. 

The Roof

The roof is the go-to suspect when there is no clear problem with windows or doors. You can’t fully inspect it with the eye, which makes it the obvious explanation for soaring energy costs. A roof inspection will identify any issues that are causing heat loss, as well as repair recommendations. 

Do not attempt to climb on your roof for a closer inspection. You may cause damage where there was none before. Investigation of a roof is also an incredibly dangerous job that should be left to the professionals. 

Windows & Doors

Windows and doors do not need to have obvious damage, gaps, or draughts that you can feel to cause high energy bills. Even small gaps or heat loss through ineffective windows will result in a spike. Without an inspection, there is no way to be sure. A professional contractor can carry out a thorough assessment and suggest appropriate repair or replacement options. 

If your heat loss is the result of a combination of factors, home improvements are worth the investment over the long term. Plugging the holes – so to speak – will see your energy costs begin to decrease and eventually pay for any work you have done. 

To learn more about saving on energy bills, speak to Signature Homes Services about a home inspection today.