Minnesota winters can be brutal to your home and roofing system. High winds, sub-zero temperatures and mountains of snow can put your roof to the test. Even the highest quality roof can succumb to damage when trees laden with ice crash onto your home or high winds strip away shingles. While winter is not the ideal time to perform roof repairs, sometimes there is no other option. Here is what you need to do if you have winter storm damage to your roof. 


Carefully Assess Damage

If a tree is on your roof, you know there is damage. For less obvious roof damage, carefully assess what damage you see. You want to look for any visible punctures or holes in the roof – it is important to know if there is an urgent issue to get the roof covered to avoid interior damage. Avoid climbing up on the roof – this can be unsafe. Leave those inspections to the professionals. 


Call for a Roof Inspection Evaluation 

Many homeowners reach for their insurance card first when they have roofing damage. While you will want to call your insurance agent eventually to report a claim, it can be beneficial to have the roof inspected first. At Signature Home Services, LLC., we will perform a free inspection of your roof to determine the extent of the damage. If there is only minimal damage, you may not want to issue a claim through your insurance. For more severe damage, we can give you an estimate before you call your insurance company. 


Make a Homeowners Insurance Claim

Once you determine you will need to make a claim for repairs through your insurance company, you should know what to expect. Your insurance carrier will want to perform their own inspection and will send an insurance adjuster. We recommend having a roofing contractor present that has already performed a thorough inspection and repair estimate. Our roofing experts can be there to ensure that everything that is damaged and needs repair is covered. 


Scheduling Repairs 

Once your insurance claim is approved, you can get your repairs scheduled. If you live in the greater Twin Cities area, our team can schedule your repair and work directly with your insurance carrier. You can rely on our experienced team to perform top quality repairs, restoring your roofing system quickly. 


If the Minnesota winter leaves its mark on your roof this year, call our team at Signature Home Services, LLC. We are your source for exceptional quality and honest home improvement services in the Twin Cities area.