We've been making durable metal roof shingles to Minneapolis homes since 2003


A roof is not just a design element. A properly installed and performing roof provides the first line of defense between your family, your possessions, and the outside elements. If you are ready for a new roof there are new architectural and designer shingles that can update the look and increase the value of your home without sacrificing performance. Signature Home Services has been providing roofing contractor services for over 20 years and are your local experts for all your roofing needs.

Signature Home Services is more than just a storm restoration company or roofing contractor. We have a lifetime of experience as a Twin Cities roofer. We know the terrain, the weather, and the importance of quality construction. In fact, we are one of the leading roofing contractors in Apple Valley, Dakota County, and the Twin City Metro.

The reasons we are the best roofing contractor are plentiful. For instance, consider our experience. As an exterior home remodeler since 2003, we’ve seen time and again the costly damage Minnesota’s harsh winters can inflict on homes, which is why offering durable, weathertight roofing systems is a top priority. Unlike other contractors that skimp on the quality of their products, we install only heavy-duty underlayment. As a result, this specialization, along with premium roofing materials and meticulous installation from our extensively trained crew, translates into roofs that provide dependable barriers against water and ice. We are your local roofing contractor!


A Bounty of Outstanding Options

In addition to protecting your home, your roof should also elevate its appearance. That’s why we install roofing materials from a wide selection of brands, including GAF and James Hardie, which are widely respected manufacturers renowned for crafting top-level products. Furthermore, we are GAF Certified™ Contractor, a designation reserved for only 6% of roofing companies nationwide, which means we install roofing systems that meet or exceed industry standards.

When you reach out to us, you will have options that meet or exceed the most stringent industry standards. You can choose:

Let Us Take a Look at Your Roof

Avoid common roofing mistakes that can waste thousands of dollars and cause headaches. Let us look at your roof! After thoroughly inspecting your home, here are some things we may find:

Dark, “dirty-looking” areas on your roof. Possible causes: Environmental pollutants; vegetation, fungus, or algae growth; loss of granules due to age of shingles.

Missing, cracked, or curling shingles. Possible cause: Shingles have reached their useful life.

Leakage in attic after driving rain. Possible causes: Leaky or inadequate shingle underlayment; deteriorated flashing.

Roof shingle, sheathing, and siding decay. Possible cause: Poor attic ventilation.

The good news is that ALL of these are fixable issues – with the right team of Roofing experts on your side. Let the pros at Signature Home Services help you UPGRADE YOUR ROOF and upgrade your home! Contact us today for your FREE consultation.

Asphalt and Metal Shingles Installation

At Signature Home Services, we understand that homeowners have different preferences when it comes to roofing materials. That's why we offer both metal and asphalt shingle installation services. Whether you're looking for a durable and low-maintenance metal roof or a classic asphalt shingle roof, we've got you covered. Our team of experts will work with you to choose the right roofing material for your home and budget. With our industry-standard installation practices, you can be sure that your new roof will be worry-free for years to come. As the best roofing contractor in the Twin Cities Metro Area, we take pride in offering high-quality metal and asphalt shingle installation services to our valued customers. Contact us today to schedule your roofing consultation.

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