Does the exterior of your home leave you less than impressed? Has mold or moss growth on your siding worn out its welcome? Maybe what your home needs is the added color and curb appeal of new siding. Far more crucial than good looks, though, is the amount of protection quality siding provides your home.  

Whether you’re looking to improve curb appeal as you try to sell, or because you want to enjoy it forever, adding or replacing the siding will give you an excellent return on your investment.

Enjoy Wonderful Wood Panels

Wood panels come in a variety of styles and textures, plus you have the option to paint or stain it whatever color you choose. Remember, this siding application will require periodic maintenance; it will need new paint or stain and varnish. Also, you’ll need to pull out that old caulk and put reapply it, to keep it water-resistant to prevent mold and mildew growth. 

There is also clapboard, or what some call lap siding, because it is applied horizontally, and one-piece overlaps the other, going up the wall.  

Cedar Shakes Stave Off Insects

Cedar shakes or shingles are another type of wood siding that many used to make a home appear like an old Victorian or traditional cottage. One benefit of cedar is that it is a natural insect repellant. In the old days, people used cedar chests or wardrobes instead of mothballs.          

Choose Versatile Vinyl  

If you still remember when vinyl first came out and some the problems associated with it – those days are gone. It’s still the most popular siding on the market. Installing vinyl siding does have its benefits, such as cost. It is much cheaper than most siding materials and offers more “R” value or resistance to heat.   

The Advantage of Aluminum Alloy

The strength of aluminum is its most common draw. It may dent easily, particularly during hailstorms. This is something you might want to consider. The notion that it rusts easily is outdated, as most aluminum siding has an acrylic bonding primer added to prevent rust. 

Other Siding Choices  

Although the choices listed above are the most popular, it doesn’t mean you are limited to those four. Signature also offers brick, stone veneer, composite, stucco, and many others. 

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