Have you ever thought about what you would do in case of a home catastrophe? Fire and storm damage does not wait for a convenient time to strike. 

A severe windstorm could tear a portion of your roof off in the middle of the night. It could also break windows or knock a door off its hinges. It would help if you had an emergency response team on speed dial. 

Signature Home Services can be that team for you. Regardless of the hour, your team will come and button things up until we can get with your insurance adjuster, if necessary, to help you file a claim.

Working with Your Insurance Company 

If you have a $500 deductible, it makes no sense to call the insurance company to install a new pane of glass or repair the door. However, severe damage can be expensive. We will work with your insurance company to ensure nothing is overlooked. 

When you have water damage in your attic after a winter leak, you could have mold and mildew growing in the insulation or water damage to ceilings or support rafters.

What’s more, in inflationary periods such as these, the price of building materials can change rapidly. Roofing shingles that cost $350 per square in January could be $500 or more now.

What We Do for You

Whether commercial or residential, we can provide the following services:

  • Emergency response & evaluation.
  • Procedures to prevent secondary damage.
  • Water extraction & water damage cleanup.
  • Mildew & mold remediation.
  • Smoke & soot damage cleanup.
  • Window & door replacement or repair.
  • Add insulation.
  • Flood water removal & extraction.
  • Siding or roofing repair or replacement.
  • Tear out damage, repair and haul-off services.

This is not meant as a complete list, only a few examples of the services we provide.

Despite not being able to predict an emergency, we will mitigate the damage, make you a little more comfortable during the repairs and coordinate with your insurance company. Keeping us on speed dial will give you an excellent start to mitigate secondary damage. 

Call Signature Home Services in an Emergency

Signature Home Services can be your emergency response team; we are only a phone call away, 651-731-1147. Or use our convenient contact form to get a free estimate of home repair services.