Is your home ready for winter? If you let the professionals at Signature Home Services inspect your home’s protective systems, you know the answer to that question. Our technicians can check your roof, gutters and downspouts, insulation, HVAC, windows and doors to ensure you won’t spend a lot more than is necessary for heating this winter.

Roof, Gutter & Attic Inspection

Before the winter winds start whipping those trees and branches around, which could damage your roof, you should get them cut back if necessary. Our technicians can do that, replace caulking and sealant around flashing, chimneys and ventilation pipes.

We’ll clean out the gutters and downspout to ensure the drainage works correctly to avoid mid-winter ice dams hanging from your gutters. When this happens, it can damage your home’s shingles. The ice will push up under the shingles and tear out nails and flashing. If just one nail backs out, water could get into your attic and cause damage to the roof support systems.

We’ll check to ensure the attic has adequate insulation and ventilation. Typically, ventilation occurs through the soffit or attic vents.

Sprinkler System

Be sure to turn off and drain the lawn and landscape sprinkler system before the frost. Water left in the pipes will freeze, expand and damage your pipes. You should shut off outdoor faucets as well.


You should clean the ducts every three to five years or if you see a buildup of dust in one area. Also, the filters should be cleaned or replaced before changing over from A/C to heating.           

Windows & Doors  

Check the weather stripping around windows and doors—make sure they’re sealed inside and out. Don’t forget the garage door. Typically, the garage door is ten to thirteen feet wide, so that’s a lot of cold air coming in if not sealed. 

When it’s time to replace those drafty windows, you can count on the professionals at Signature Home Services. We can inspect your entire house and make recommendations for energy savings.   

Call Signature Home Services for a Winter Readiness Inspection

Call 651-731-1147 to schedule a Signature Home Services winter readiness inspection of your home’s primary heating and protection systems. We’ll discuss any necessary repairs with you and provide a no-obligation, free estimate. You can also use the convenient contact form