After the harsh winter in Minnesota, trust the experts at Signature Home Services for all your roofing needs. After the snow has melted, check your doors and windows to make sure water has not seeped in. Outside you can check your gutters and downspouts also. Never go onto your roof after snow or a rainstorm; it can be extremely dangerous. If you suspect any destruction to your structures, do not hesitate to call the professionals. The seasons’ change is upon us, and all that snow will be in the distant past, now you can contact the friendly staff at Signature Home Services for a free home roof inspection. 

Leaks…What to Do

Leaks require immediate action because they can lead to other roof problems like mold, algae, and rotting wood, which can cause significant structural damages. A closer look or inspection may help you notice discoloration, moisture, mold, and other telltale signs of a leak.

Consistent and heavy rainfall can cause your roof to be at risk. Some of the common roof problems caused by heavy rains are moisture and weak shingles.

Hailstorms can be a lot worse than rain, causing leaks and water damage, fractured shingles, and cracks in the surfacing, including loosening of the self-seal strip. 

Homeowners Insurance Help

Signature Home Services can work directly with your Insurance company if your roof has sustained storm destruction. We will do a free inspection of the damage and then take care of all your roofing needs via communication with your homeowner’s insurance. You can trust the experts at Signature to work hard on your behalf. We have been in business for over 16 years and have ample experience dealing with insurance companies on behalf of homeowners regarding the severe Minnesota winters.  

Do not hesitate to call today at (651) 731-1147.