You may not be thinking about staying warm in July, but winter is only a few months away. When the harsh Minnesota winter weather arrives, you want to be sure your home is ready for battling the cold. Unfortunately, windows can be a weak point in your home’s armor, allowing heat to escape and cold air to seep inside. To keep your home warm and reduce your heating costs, consider the benefits of installing new windows before winter arrives. 

Signs Your Windows Need Replacement

Whether you have an older home or a new home, there may be signs that your windows are not performing as well as they should. Older windows may no longer work correctly, sticking or not opening, and allow air and moisture inside the home. Even newer windows can have problems – many contractors use poor-quality windows to save on costs. If you have drafty rooms, moisture condensation around windows or dysfunctional windows, these are signs that your windows should be replaced. 

Benefits of Window Replacement

Adding new windows to your home can make a significant difference in your home’s comfort and energy efficiency. If you have poor quality or leaking windows, you could save up to 25% or more on energy costs by replacing your windows. High-quality, insulated windows can pay for themselves over the first few years they are in place, making them a wise investment. Other benefits of new windows include:

  • Reduce moisture in your home
  • Improve aesthetics and curb appeal 
  • Keep your home cooler during the summer
  • Increase the value of your home 
  • Improve climate consistency within your home 
  • Restore function of sticky windows

Investing in new windows can keep your home warmer in the Minnesota winters and cooler during the hot days of summer. To learn more about high-quality window installations, contact our team at Signature Home Services, LLC. We offer stylish, quality windows that will protect and enhance your home for decades to come. Call our office in Apple Valley to talk to one of our home improvement specialists about new windows for your home in the Twin Cities metro area.