If saving on your heating bills is important to you, there is no time like the present to up the R-value in your attic. Insulation is a home improvement that instantly starts paying for itself by putting money back in your pocket. The simple fact is, heat doesn’t just trap itself. For that to happen you need to add insulation where it matters.

Why the Attic?

It is estimated between 30-50% of the heat that could be keeping you cozy and warm is lost through the attic. Many homes have a minimum R38 in the attic. Older homes even less. By upping the R-value to the recommended R49-R60, you won’t have to blast the heating as often or for as long to feel the benefit. More heat is locked into your home, effectively reducing your heating bills over time and becoming a positive investment.

Signature Home Services

We install Owens Corning blown in fiberglass insulation. Blown in insulation far outperforms batt insulation. It is great to cover those imperfect areas of your attic that bats have a hard time fitting well into. It’s quick and easy with minimal mess during the application.

We also install eShield radiant barrier. A radiant barrier will help prevent heat from escaping through your attic. The radiant barrier is ¼” thick reflective foil which is proven to increase the effectiveness of your attic insulation and can ultimately increase your R-value. It also has an added benefit to help your cooling costs in the summer.

Our installation options are designed for households that don’t want to simply tough-out the harsh Minnesota winter months. If you want to live in comfort all year round, Signature Home Services can up the R-value of your attic insulation in no time at all.

To find out more about the benefits of Owens Corning blown in fiberglass insulation or radiant barrier from eShield, reach out to set up a consultation appointment at your home.