How confident are you that your roof can withstand heavy rain or snow? It may have held up over the previous winter, but that’s no indication of roof condition. A Minnesota roof can suffer significant damage due to a number of potential environmental issues including ice dams, storm debris or moss growth. 

These problems can go unnoticed or, in the case of issues like moss, may be considered innocuous. Without regular inspections and maintenance, your roof is at risk of becoming compromised. Issues such as damaged shingles and water leaking into your attic or roof space may occur. 

Is Roof Maintenance Worth the Cost?

If you are prepared to see many of the structures in your home suffer significant damage, skip roof maintenance. The reality is, a leaking roof can end in disaster for homeowners. A small leak can lead to mold forming in a roof space and any other porous spaces the water reaches. This issue can go undetected long enough to cause structural damage in a home. The damage can include weakened or rotten framing, which means having to replace a roof in many cases. 

A large leak is an entirely different animal. You are looking at rapid escalation with the potential for collapsing structures, such as ceilings. There is also the chance water will leak into your electrical system, posing a health and safety hazard for those within the home. If you value your home, furniture and valuables, roof maintenance is absolutely worth the cost. 

DIY or Hire a Professional?

Having your roof checked by a professional contractor is the best way to detect and address costly issues. Signature Home Services can thoroughly check your roof and carry out any necessary repairs for an affordable price. 

Don’t allow weather, age or poor roof installation to devalue your home. Call Signature Home Services at 651-731-1147 to learn more about our professional roof maintenance, repair and installation services.