Custom Wood Windows Available for Homeowners Throughout the Twin Cities Metro

Wood is one of humankind’s original construction materials. Humanity has come a long way and today, windows are engineered from a variety of materials. Including vinyl, aluminum, and fiberglass, but the popularity of wood persists. Why is that? Appearance is one inescapable factor. No other window material offers the warmth, natural charm, and authentic look of solid wood. But surely there’s more to it than looks. In the Twin Cities Metro, where Signature Home Services has installed custom wood windows for countless homeowners, some of our customers would never dare to consider any other type of window.

Because we’ve been remodeling homes since 2003, we’ve acquired diverse experience in the trade, serving customers who have a variety of aesthetic tastes, and this is what we’ve learned. Wood windows may require some upkeep, but they offer a level of architectural interest that no other window material can match.

A Combination of Beauty and Energy Efficiency

Wood is the real thing, as they say. But some homeowners who want the real thing mistakenly believe that synthetic materials are better insulators. The truth is, that wood is a natural insulator and can provide up to 400 times more insulation than steel. As a result, our wood windows will help keep your home’s interior cooler when it’s hot outside, and warmer when outside temperatures plummet. Look for the ENERGY STAR label when selecting a window that is built to perform in our extreme weather conditions. Crafted by the respected manufacturer Pella®, our wood windows feature:

Fine furniture detailing for unparalleled beauty inside and outside your home

Decorative hardware in rich patinas for upscale flair

Advanced wood protection against damage due to moisture and termite infestation, as well as stains from mold and mildew

Performance packages that include sound control for a quieter home

Custom options such as unique frame shapes, intricate grille designs, and stylish patterned glass

Wood interiors that include pine, white oak, mahogany, Douglas fir, cherry, and more, to complement your home’s décor

Explore Your Options

You can discover more about our custom wood windows by scheduling a time for one of our remodeling consultants to come out. Once there, they will be able to show you window samples that you can study in detail. If you have any questions, one of our friendly representatives will be happy to help. Contact Signature Home Services today to set up an appointment.

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