Winter – Again! Is Your House Well Insulated?

Here we go again, Minnesota! Winter is rolling in and the temps are dropping. It feels cold already, and it’s only going to get colder. Once again, we’ll be bundling up, snuggling in and just trying to stay warm. On top of that, if we can survive the heating bills, we will call it another win, right? In the interest of those heating bills, we need to ask you one question. How’s your insulation?

Does Your Home Have Enough Insulation?

How much insulation is enough? It’s a question bound to cross your mind at least once during January in Minnesota. It makes more sense to ask it now. If you live in an older home and haven’t added insulation, the odds are high you don’t have enough. Many older homes don’t have any insulation in some of the critical wall and ceiling spaces. Even if you have a newer home and you know your insulation is up to code, that doesn’t mean you have enough to stay warm in Minnesota without stressing your heating system.

Insulation Has Expanded Far Beyond the Pink Stuff

Everyone is familiar with the standard pink fiberglass insulation. It’s been used for generations to keep homes warmer. We’re excited about a whole new type of insulation here at Signature Home Services. It’s called e-Shield – NASA has been using reflective foil insulation for years. This type of insulation is only about ¼ inch thick but provides as much protection against the weather as 12 inches of the pink stuff. For our astronauts, this foil-reflection type of insulation protects them from a 600-degree difference between the temperature outside and the temperature inside their spacesuits. Not even Minnesota has that harsh a temperature difference. Imagine the protection this would bring to the inside of your home.

Winter is coming; that’s no tagline from a movie. This is the time of year to get your insulation brought up to a new standard of warmth. Contact Signature Home Services today to get a consultation for your insulation needs. 

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